Understanding Vacuum Pack Bags

Vacuum storage bags are an extremely useful and versatile type of packaging, but they’re not always needed. If you don’t need to use vacuum seal bags then there’s no use getting them, especially if you can meet the needs of your product for cheaper. 

However, there are many benefits to using vacuum seal packaging for your food products  – benefits that extend to both you and your customers. 

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Different Types of Vacuum Sealer Bags

Vacuum sealer bags are a simple enough concept but there are a couple of different ways to do it, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The end result is typically the same, so it often comes down to preference – what’s easiest and most efficient for you and your company? 

At Zoompak, we have a variety of vacuum sealer bags suitable for both chamber and external vacuum sealing machines. This includes a variety of different pre-cut sizes and our versatile pleated heat seal bags. 

Chamber Vacuum Machines

This is where you place the entire bag inside the machine and it seals it for you. They’re often a bigger upfront investment, but they’ll save you time. They’re ideal for sealing large quantities, and/or sealing liquids. 

External Vacuum Machines

These are most often smaller and less expensive, but require a little more effort on your part. To use these machines, you must line up the part of the bag to be sealed with the machine, and hold it in place while it seals for you. 

They’re great for sealing smaller quantities, or if you’re not sealing too frequently. They’re also a great choice for beginners. 

Pistol Vacuum Machines

This type of vacuum sealing machine requires the most effort and is not ideal for business settings. Here, you must first manually draw air out of the pack with a special tool, and then use the handheld machine to finish the seal. They’re the most portable sealing device though, so they’re good for anyone that might need to take their ability to seal with them on the go. 

Vacuum Pack Bag Benefits

When it comes to vacuum packing and accessories, many of the direct benefits fall to the customer – longer-lasting products, less waste, cheaper shipping, etc. But what benefits the customer benefits you, too, because a happy customer comes back for more!

Reduce Shipping Costs

This is a massive benefit to all companies as shipping gets expensive fast. When products are vacuum sealed, they take up less space and therefore cost less to ship. This saves your company money as well as your customers! 

Reduce Waste

This is another key factor that greatly benefits your customer – less food goes to waste! Vacuum pack bags remove all oxygen from the package, which can protect it from things like mold and degradation. It remains protected for much longer than putting it in a regular plastic bag, meaning customers can store and save the product until they’re ready to consume it. 

Longer shelf lives like this mean the food is less likely to go to waste, saving the customer money not having to rebuy. 

Improved taste

Not only does vacuum-sealed food remain fresh for longer, but it retains its delicious, potent, and fresh taste for longer, too! This is good news for customers that are saving the item for later or can’t eat it right away. 

The better your product tastes, the happier your customer is. Happy customers are likely to make more purchases and if they’re continually pleased, this is what turns them into a regular. So while the taste is of the utmost importance to your end customer, the benefits come back to you indirectly when their experience is consistently positive. 

Fewer Preservatives Needed

This is one that benefits everyone – by vacuum sealing your food products, you’ll require far fewer chemicals and/or preservatives to keep them fresh. This saves you money both in terms of buying fewer ingredients and having less to process. 

This is also something that many customers will appreciate. The more organic and authentic your product is, the more customer interest you’ll attract. Some people avoid preservatives as a rule, others have allergies and sensitivities that must be considered. Either way, by eliminating these things you’ll appeal to those who look specifically for clean products. 

Accepted Around the World

There are many, many rules surrounding what foods you can and can’t ship across Canada and around the world, that’s no secret. But, your chances of being able to send your food items over borders and across oceans increase when you go with vacuum sealing. 

It’s important to always check your local laws as well as the laws of the country you’re shipping to. But, by vacuum sealing your product, it might become a little easier. Even if you’ll need to ship out very large packages, extra large vacuum seal bags are available here at Zoompak to help you achieve all the benefits even with a larger product. 

Vacuum Sealing Tips

The shelf life of a vacuum-sealed product increases significantly. The airtight seal reduces exposure to air. Therefore preserving product freshness  and significantly reduces freezer burn.

Considering including tips on keeping the product fresh once opened, as it no longer has the protection of a proper vacuum seal.

Get Started With Vacuum Sealing Today

As you can see, there are many benefits to using a vacuum seal bag for your products – whether you want to give it a long shelf life, retain moisture, or more. At Zoompak, we understand how varied the packaging needs of a business can be, and we’re here to help you find the best answers for your products. 

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