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Sometimes, there isn’t a predefined type of packaging that perfectly suits your product. Or, perhaps you have a custom design or logo you want to be printed on every bag. This is where custom brand packaging comes in, and it has many benefits. 

Custom packages are often more expensive than bulk-ordering a bunch of standard sizes and simple designs, but the presentation and memorability are worth it when you wow your customers! 

Custom Packaging Benefits

Stand out From the Competition

This is perhaps the most obvious – bold and unique packaging and artwork is immediately eye-catching. This means that on a shelf among a sea of other similar products, yours will stand out right away. The customer will be drawn to your product simply because it looks nicer.

Even if your products aren’t in stores lined up with others, packaging styles make a difference. The way a product is packaged impacts your customer’s experience, from the way they receive it to how they feel while opening it. 

For example, packages that are quick and easy to open create a pleasant experience. On the flip side, if something is difficult to open, rips easily, or causes a mess upon opening, that’s a negative experience. As strong of an impression as a positive experience makes, a negative experience is stronger – the customer will remember it!

Increase Brand Awareness and Recognition

In addition to standing out from the crowd in the buying moment for a customer, good-quality and eye-catching custom brand packaging creates more long-term awareness and brand recognition. A sleek and memorable custom-printed package will stick in the mind of everyone who sees it, even if they don’t buy your product that time around. 

This means you’ll be on their mind the next time they’re in the market for the same thing or something similar. A stand-out design and memorable logo also help your customers recognize you immediately upon seeing said logo or design. 

Perhaps they see your logo on a different product than what they were looking for or they see it referenced somewhere online. Either way – customers will know you and this is crucial in all purchasing decisions they make, 

Share Pertinent Information

The benefits of custom-printing go beyond the looks and packaging style of your branded boxes. Using custom sizes means you can put anything you want on the packaging. This includes colours, images, logos, and information! 

Some products are simple and self-explanatory, but others require things like safety warnings, health information, and special usage instructions. Beyond that, maybe there’s more you want the customer to know. 

Some interesting, useful things you could print include:

  • A simple recipe that uses your product 
  • Fun facts about the product or its history/origins
  • Key benefits of the main ingredients
  • Information about how it was processed
  • Things the company is doing for the environment or how they’re giving back

Of course, you must be careful not to overload the mailer box with excessive text and images. This is where careful planning and expert designers can be of great help. When you include things like facts, benefits, and transparency, this instills great confidence in your customers and they’ll feel more comfortable purchasing your product over and over again.

Protect Your Product

Is your product extra delicate and easily destroyed? Or perhaps extra sensitive to things like heat, light, or moisture? If this is the case, custom packaging may be the way to go for no reason other than to ensure it gets to the customer safely. 

Once the packaging leaves your possession, you have no control over things like poor handling, falls, bumps, and more. You should be able to have full confidence in your packaging to protect your product from things like this. 


Increase Sustainability

Using custom brand packaging is often much more sustainable as you can handpick the materials used. In addition to being genuinely better for the planet, more and more consumers are turning to eco-friendly alternatives all the time. So, it’s in your best interest to use the most eco-friendly materials you can. 

This will garner much respect in the eyes of current customers as well as potential ones. If an eco-conscious customer is trying to decide between your product and a competitor and everything else is equal, they’ll choose the one with the lowest environmental impact. This is where a short memo about your eco-friendly practices and processes printed on the packaging can also work in your favor. 

Save on Shipping Costs

This one may surprise you, but it is in fact possible that despite the added custom packaging cost, you may end up reducing your shipping price. If your product doesn’t perfectly conform to the size and shape of standard, premade packaging, then you’ll ultimately pay for extra space and weight. This also means that you’ll have to fill this space when packing your products to ensure it stays safe. 

With packaging made specifically for your product, these issues don’t exist. It’s the perfect size and shape for your product, so you’re only paying for exactly what you need. These savings can then trickle down to your customers as you won’t have to charge them as much for shipping! People are always happy with lowered costs and they’ll not only appreciate it, but they’ll remember it the next time they need to make a purchase. 

Of course, this assumes that no standard packaging is the right size for you. It’s entirely possible that you’ll find a standard package that works just fine – but it’s never a guarantee! 

Consider Custom Packaging

It’s true that custom packaging is a little more costly and time-consuming than using standard packaging. But, too many businesses overlook the potential benefits and the ways in which it may save them money in the long run.

Don’t turn down the idea of custom product packaging before you’ve had a chance to look into it and weigh the pros and cons. Between getting recognized and creating a better experience for your customers, you may find that custom packaging is the best decision you’ll make! 

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