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Hydroponic packaging is a unique and innovative way to package things like marijuana, that must be kept fresh at all costs. This style of packaging not only ensures the cannabis stays fresh but it allows it to grow and stay fresh without soil! Our hydroponic bags are a cheaper alternative to grove bags – which are popular but expensive. These are effective and cost-efficient at the same time. 

How Does it Work?

Grove bags are a common form of barrier bags used for cannabis packaging. These packages are made to maintain low oxygen levels, offer humidity control, and have antistatic properties. 

They also limit the evaporation and oxidation of terpenes and cannabinoids – an essential element to consider with cannabis packaging and cannabis products. Our hydroponic packaging is similar in function and is a good alternative – without the sky-high price tag. 

Many people use hydroponics to grow and maintain plants like cannabis without a garden, and often with minimal space. It’s a good method for growing in a small indoor space as it doesn’t use any soil. To put it simply, it’s believed that there are only 16 nutrients needed for any plant to grow. Three of these are carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, all of which are accessed through air and water exchange. 

The rest can be dissolved into water, along with some growth hormones to mimic soil. The concept was first brought to the mainstream by a biologist named William F Gericke, who published a paper on it. It sounded preposterous and many called him crazy – but it works!

This amazing new concept is where the methodology behind hydroponic packaging comes from. Hydroponic packaging has been specially designed to safely house and transport your hydroponically grown cannabis, maintaining quality and freshness. 

The Benefits of Hydroponic Packaging

There are many benefits when you choose hydroponic packaging materials, products, and containers- for both you as a business and your customers: 

Better Control

Zip bags are among the most basic types of product packaging on the market  – they are simple plastic bags with a ziplock along the top to seal them. Most of the time when dealing with food, it’ll also be vacuum sealed for maximum freshness. Once in the customer’s hand, they can easily open the zip and discard the disposable package. 

Less Water

Even though you’re essentially growing your cannabis in pure water, you’re still using less of it than traditional methods! In fact, hydroponic methods can use up to 90 percent less compared to watering a crop. This is because hydroponic growing uses recirculation techniques that greatly minimize waste. With soil and crop watering, you must also consider factors like evaporation, soil erosion, inefficient irrigation methods, etc, that all contribute to water loss and waste. 


Conventional soil growing methods often employ pesticides and other chemicals to keep bugs, pests, pathogens, and harmful bacteria at bay. 

With hydroponics, you don’t even have to worry about choosing to grow organic or not! Most of the time, you won’t even have to consider using these things. The result will be a healthy, organic, and uncontaminated product with no health concerns attached. 

Hydroponic Growing Tips

If you’re new to the world of hydroponics, there are a few things to consider as you’re getting started.
Having the right tools and being packaged this way is just the beginning.

Maintain your system.

There are different types out there but some hydroponic systems can become quite complex. They’re impressive, but they’re also vulnerable. If even a single piece, string, or pump stops working or becomes dislodged, it can throw the whole system off.


Doing proper research is important before any new venture, and hydroponic growing is no exception. It’s a huge learning curve in the beginning, but you won’t stop learning for a long time. There are many different types of cannabis and some may behave differently. Do some research and choose an easy one to start with. 

Choose your method.

 This also requires some research – there are a few different ways you can go about this. You must figure out which method and which tools are right for you to make it work. Our premium hydroponic packaging and barrier bags are a great place to start, but you’ll need to be fully prepared.

Start small.

Hydroponic growing is an exciting new concept that has the potential to make big changes to the produce industry. But, it’s a big venture. Dream as big as you want, but start small and get comfortable before going all out.

Start Your Hydroponic Journey Today

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, our hydroponic packaging can help you lay a fantastic foundation for your adventure into this exciting new way of growing. These bags will give your delicate cannabis products the protection they need and deserve as they make their way into the hands of your customers. 

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